Monday, June 01, 2009

After a cold hard winter the "Doubled Up" finally got wet this past weekend. We fished the Cape (out of Sandwich) for Stripers both Sat + Sun. The intentions were to catch some Mackerel, to live line. Filling up both tanks with bait, was a little more time consuming than I had hoped for. After a short run we were finally fishing. Within 30 seconds of the first bait hitting the water we were into the Stripers ! The biggest fish of the weekend was in the 35# range caught by a 12yr old angler. Most of the other Keepers were around the 20# mark. We also caught many 28-30 # fish, using up all of our bait. Both groups wound up with limit # catches of fish ! Thanks to Todd, Chad (the 12 yr old) and Mike for Sat. Donald, Chris, Paul and Brian for Sun.



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