Saturday, June 06, 2009

Today (sat june 6)we set out in search of Stripers along the Elizabeth Islands. We were hoping to catch some larger fish following the bunker. After plugging along the shoreline and behind every one of my secret boulders, we caught 1 rat (20") bass. Not marking much or witnessing any other anglers hooked up, we decided to switch species. We headed to Cleaveland Ledge (near the west end of the canal). First couple of drifts were slow,and now we started to become even more frustrated ! The tide started to pick up and so did the fishing. Black Sea Bass, tataug, fluke, scup, bluefish, searobins and even a choggie were on the feed. All in all we fileted almost 40 monster sea bass and 30 jumbo scup. Not the migrating cows we were looking for but a lot of other action and some good eats ! <'////><



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