Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sunday June 14 and Monday June 15 we targeted Black Sea Bass in Buzzards Bay. Both days were very successful with 58 keepers on Sun and 95 on Mon. We were useing white Spro jigs tipped with squid strips. Around 90 % of the Sea bass we caught were legal size. Screwy Louie and his two companions Stanley and Stan ususlly want to target Fluke on this trip,but the season does not open till July 1 this year. We did manage to catch and let go a couple of fluke in the 18 to 22 " bracket. Monday we noticed a huge flock of Turns working in the Chanal to the Canal. Hurring to pick up our bottom rigs we flew across and started firing plugs ! Instantly we had three large Blues on!After catching a couple of dozen we went back to bottom fishing. Ariving back on our waypoint we dropped down and instantly everyone was "Doubled Up" ! This ferroucious bite didn't last very long but we had about 25 flopping on the floor in about 5 minnutes.



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