Friday, July 30, 2010

Quick update of the last couple of weeks. Tuna have moved off the Chatham Beaches into deeper waters. Although most of the fish caught were in the 70" range (non keepers), it was fun while it lasted. Commercial Striper season has started, and we have already caught more weight than last year. Most of my trips (8 hrs), have caught close to their limits. Every one of these trips has caught a Bass over 30 #. The biggest fish of the season has been a 49#er. Most of my fishing has been inside the Bay, tube and worm and bunker spoons have been our best methods. All the tube colors are working, and our most sucessful spoons have been the green and white Tournament Grade Tackle. When we have found serfice activity we are throwing plugs along with Whip it eels.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Have had several trips over the last couple of weeks. Saturday June 25 - Matt and his buds from RI + NY fished with us and landed 8 Stripers from 22 to 49#. Most of them came on the tube and worm, although the largest 2 were caught on the whip-it eel. Sunday -Paul, Stevie and Chris had a very poor outing, fishing the same area we were only able to catch a couple of 30" Bass. Monday - Rob Bulla and some of his accts came in to find very rough waters. After a couple of hrs of pounding we pulled the boat out. During breakfast we discussed moving to calmer waters in Barnstable Harbor. Here we would be doing some chunking during the outgoing tide. The group caught many stripers, and everyone was able to take home a couple of fillets. Tuesday the 29th was another blow off day. Wednesday, Jason from CT wanted to try his luck for Tuna. We started off in Cape Cod Bay, and after a hour or two of searching we pulled the boat and headed to Chatham. The waters were light up with fish, and we had 3 different opportunities but were unable to land a fish. The weekend of the 4th was spent on Lake O with the family. Only a couple of hours on the water we landed 1 king. Water temp was 50 deg at 150'. July 9 - Big RICKIE joined us for some excellent fishing. William a 8yr old, landed a 44# to start off the day. At the end all 4 people had a Striper over 40#. Kevin from RI fished with us on Sat. He and his 2 boys had 5 Stripers from 25 - 45#. Again, most of these fish were caught on tube and worm as well as bunker spoons. There has not been one specific area we have been finding these large bass. We have been fishing from the Dump to Billingsgate Shoal.