Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Had 4 triathlonist out on Sept 12 for a good morning on Scorton. The group from Western Mass compeated in a small triathlon in Centerville in the morning,and headed to Sandwich for a afternoon trip. I had fished the ledge in the morning for a limit of Bass in the 12-18# range. On the incoming tide we found that bigger bass followed. Most of their Stripers were in the 15- 29# catagory. One cool thing that we saw happen was a 10 # blue come flying out of the water with a giant tuna in persuit. Immediatly following were 60-100 # tuna busting everywhere. We pulled in our tube and worm setups and persued. Unfortunatly we never caught up to them., and chased them around the bay for a hour and a half. Headed out tunain tommorow and then to RI for 3 trips. Just a few more weeks till huntin season ! Best fishin is to come. <'////><



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