Monday, September 07, 2009

Scorton Ledge was the destination we had headed for last Tues (Sept 1). Brett and his group limited out on Stripers (before 8:30AM), on the tube and worm. Most of the fish caught were in the 20-25# range. The party wanted to try to find some breaking fish to cast to, so our tactic had changed. Searching the bay, we could not find any breaking fish or working birds. Back to the ledge we headed for some more fun on the tube and worm. Thursday afternoon Dan, and a couple of his bud's wanted in on the action. The ledge was very different upon arrival, 3 dozen boats and the Lowrance screen was almost blank. We worked the area for a couple of hours, and caught dozens of bass on the 6-10# range, many of these fish we were "Doubled Up". Although we boated 3-15 # + bass, we lost several bigger fish. Cruising about 8 miles north, we went into the Tuna search mode. We chased several pods of breaking fish around, but unfortunately we never hooked up. The guys really enjoyed this stalking action, and commented it was like fishing and hunting combined. Lake Ontario was the last destination that I had returned from. Fishing was very slow this weekend, most of the Salmon were in 70-100' of water. Most fish caught were on or near the bottom, with Spin Doctors and flies. Green was our hottest color, followed by white glow and silver. I had taken a ride to the Salmon River on Sat afternoon (sept 5) and found that the run had begun. The concentration offish were in the estuary and some were in the upper fly zone. Back out this weekend - Hopefully in search of some more Tuna !



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