Sunday, July 05, 2009

The McLaughlin's joined us on Fri (July 3) for a trip to Monomoy.Tyler and myself tried to catch bait (bunker)in Stage Harbor before the trip, with no success. We picked up the group at 7 am and headed to the rips off Chatham. The tide was not running when we arrived there, so we back tracked to the flats off Stage Harbor. Caught a few small Blues (2 pounder's) and headed back thru the fog to the rips. Dumped a 100 yds of wire off the reels , and throttled back. Tyler (The Jig Master)explained to the group how to work the parachute jigs. Ward immediately hooked up with a nice 20 lb Bass. As he was working the fish close to the boat Tyler hooked up on the other rod. As they were bringing the fish close to the boat in the pea soup fog, I noticed some large Bass busting the surface. Grabbed the spinning rod, and now we had three on. Unfortunately,the fog was so thick we could that we could not stay on top of the busting fish. Back to jigging we went,now Meghan was on the wire. She was the next to hook up with a 25 # Striper and bring it to boat side. After landing that one,She Beat Tyler to the next one. She repeated this several more times letting Tyler hook up once and awhile. William (he 6yr old trooper) , was even in on the action. Teaming up with his dad he managed to wind in a couple. Bob and his boys, concentrated on casting to the surfacing Stripers. They did manage to raise a few and bring them to boat side as well. The only thing that could have been better for the trip, would have been less or no fog. You couldn't see 50 yds, and if you could have you could have filled the boat casting to the breaking fish. We kept loosing sight of them ! Back out next week ! <'////><



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