Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back on the water this past Fri + Sat. Heard news of Tuna on the SW Corner of Stellwagon last week. Three generations of the Mankin family joined us this past Fri to target Stripers. Talking Dick into trying for a Tuna first thing in the AM we left the dock at 4:30. Journeyed across Cape Cod Bay to the grounds was a pleasant ride. Tried for a couple of hours with spreader bars with no avail. Saw a few whales, some bait and scattered birds. Not enough sign to keep our hopes up and our eyes open, we headed to Peaked Hill Bar for some Bass. Trolled Mann's Stretch 30 for a couple of hours, landing about a dz Stripers and Blues. During the battle with one of the Stripers we noticed several Tuna in the 150# range busting the surface. We put out a 9" slugo, hoping for a Tuna hookup. Unfortunatly, no Tuna but a 30 something # Bass wanted it for a snack. As the tide turned our fishing slowed and we wandered back into Cape Cod Bay. Finding some diving Gannet's we dropped our lines back in. The bite was now starting to turn back on! It seemed that we were landing a Striper every five to ten minutes. The sizes were any where in the 24 to 38" range. They seemed pretty happy getting back to the dock with their limit catch. Saturday we headed back out to Stellwagon with the same intention with the Thomas party. Same results - not much Tuna sign ! Back to Peaked Hill for some more Striper action with Stretches. Then we decided to jig some wire on The Race. Again we lost the tide and headed for our previous days spot in C.C. Bay. Once we arrived there we soon found out about 50 other boats were working our spot. Still, the action was hot and exciting with a few bigger Bass than the previous day. Tyler filleted ten more bass for this group in the 15# to 30# range. Water should be warming up soon, kicking the Tuna Bite into high gear. Calm Seas <'////><



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