Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For the first time we competed in the LCI Tournament (Lake Champlain International)
Arriving last Fri (June 19) we settled in to our boat slip and motel mid afternoon. Never fishing Champlain before, we had received information that there were bigger Lake Trout around than in years past. This would be the main species that we would target. We set out that afternoon to go thru our equipment and do some pre - fishing. Getting the bugs worked out and scouting some hot spots we felt confident we would be into Lakers for the weekend. Sat morning brought us a lot of action with small fish. We wound up with 19 fish from 2 to 6 #. Deciding to fish a entirely different area in the afternoon, we hoped for bigger Trout. The first fish of the afternoon was slightly smaller than the biggest we caught in the morning. This excited us and we decided to work this area for the rest of the event. That evening we had one of our dipsy diver rods go off with what appeared to be a substantially larger fish. Unfortunately the hook pulled and we never saw the fish! Sunday morning we caught 9 Lakers with our largest 2 being in the 8# size bracket. These 2 fish were weighed in and wound up being our best 2 for the weekend. From noon on Sunday the lake had kicked up with strong north winds. Unfortunately, a strong wind like we were experiencing was preventing us to fish productively. Using Davis Spinners and small Rapala' s, you must maintain a 1 +1/2 mph speed. This wind was pushing us up to 2.5 then down to .5 mph. We still managed to catch a few more fish but we couldn't produce the numbers like the days before. For the Tournament we finished in the top 20%, which in my mind is great- for never having fished the lake before. All in all, we had a lot of fun and caught quite a few fish. I would like to thank my Crew of Bob D. Andrew V. and my DAD, for all their help with running the rods and help controlling the boat. The LCI is one of the best organized Tournaments that I had competed in ! I hope to see some of you guys there next Fathers Day, I will be sure to go back ! Please call or write for any info or help you would like for this area. Tight Lines ! Capt. Steve <'////><



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