Friday, July 31, 2009

Out three times this past week - Tues the 28th fishing was much better. We started out of Sandwich at 6am. Trolling bunker spoons was our method of attack. Around 6:20 we had a 38 # Striper boated. For the next hour and a half we only had one more hit. The talk of the week was Race point, so that's where we headed. Our plans were to troll tube and worm, but when we arrived we were flabbergasted with boat traffic. Everyone and there brother who had a commercial license, were drifting eels. Lots of fish were boated of commercial size. We tried our best to troll between the pack, and managed 3 more fish. As the tide left, off to Sandy Neck we journied. Boating two more 20 # ers on spoons,our day was over. Wednesday was the day that we ventured out of Chatham, back to the Tuna grounds. Upon a one hour ride through the heavy fog we landed on a huge pod of bait. The bait ball was surrounded by whales, also Stripers and Bluefish. Working the Sandeel batch, we found no sign of Tuna. Working feverishly for the next eight hours we never hooked up. At times we could barely see the bow of the Doubled Up. It's too bad that the fog was so thick, only two 65" fish were landed from the fleet. Thursday we loaded up with eels to hit the race hard ! As usual the weather man was wrong again ! Calling for the seas to be calm in the morning, we left port in a 20 +mph sw wind. This wind would keep us away from the Race for a while. We decieded to pull spoons in the wind and the rain for a while. The weather dictated that we stay within a couple fo miles off the beach. This only brought us one rod pinning strike, with the hook pulling after a short fight. As the day went on the weather broke, and we ran to the race. Things looked much brighter as there were only about three dozen boats, versus over two hunderd on Tues. On the first drift we boated our first bass of the day. With the tide diminishing we were fortunate to land five more keepers. All of these fish were between 14 and 25 pounds. Giving the Cape a break for a week or two, off to Ontario I go for a couple of trips. I am excited to see the numbers of fish we marked, and look forward to a excellent August. Look for a new post in about a week.



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