Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sorry this blog is missing a couple of weeks . We have been hitting the waters regularly-but the computer blew up! This report is our Trips July 13,14,15,18 &19. On July 13 we fished off Monomy Island for a 5 keeper Striped Bass(up to 33")with numerous shorts. Most of the fish were caught throwing topwaters although the larger Bass were caught jigging parachutes.The 14th was the first day of commercial season. We headed to Martha's Vinyard to fish the rips off the southeast corner ( ). When we arrived we found very warm water (72`), along with many bluefish. We recieved a phone call from a friend whom was fishing out of Barnstable and doing quite well. We decided to pull the boat to increase our chances to catch saleable fish (>34"). We arrived to a slow outgoing tide and decided to chunk. Again, numerous schoolies was the only thing to hit the deck. Off the water to dinner,we went. Arriving back at the ramp at dark, we would fish till 11pm. Again nothing but schoolies ! Wednesday the 15 we decided to hit the offshore grounds for some Tuna action. Around 9 am we had a fish come up and hit our long outside bar. Mark perfectly fought the 150 # plus Tuna for 25 min only to have the hook pull. Not quite sure what had happened ? The 18th we had a last minute cancellation and decided to play around the Vineyard for a few hours. We never wet a line that afternoon, our Lowrance HDS units told us not to waste out efforts. The 19th one of my favorite groups decided to let us venture off shore in pursuit of Bluefin. Trolling until 11 am we never raised a fish, though there was a lot of radio chatter of fish being caught. Back to the rips of Monomy we went for out last couple of hours. When we had arrived there I had noticed a angler pulling a 30 incher over the rail. That fish was the only live thing that I had seen for the next 3 hours. Including any birds ,seals or crustaceans ! Sunday the 19th will go down in history as to be my first GOOSE EGG Charter ! As the water temperatures set up, my belief is to see the fishing pick up. Last August was our best month, let's keep our fingers crossed.



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