Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rhode Island was the destination this past weekend. Saturday we worked the waters from Pt. Jude - north to the mouth of the Narrow River. Finding the waters somewhat vacant we managed to find a cloud of Anchovy's. The Anchovy's were being attacked by small blues and there were some Green Bonita mixed in. As soon as our spoons hit the water we were hooked up to a blue and unfortunately we never caught a Bonita. Never finding any Stripers we shot across to Block. Working the eastern edge, we managed to catch 4 Stripers to 32 #. Sunday was a wash out, canceling that trip to a later date. Monday we headed back out to the Block, or at least that is where we thought we were going. Only to find whitewater coming over the center wall. We decided to pull the boat and head for some calmer waters in Cape Cod Bay. Heading out the east end of the Canal we saw School Tuna breaking, trying to intercept them for a half hour we were frustrated. Over to Scorton Ledge we motored for some Tube and worm action. Our first pass we landed a 20 # fish, followed up by a small Blue. For the next hour we searched the area and came up with nothing. We headed over to Sandy neck for some more tube and worm action. Landing several shorts and a couple of Blues, one of our lines took off. After 10 minute battle for a 16yr old he boated a 43.5 # Striper. A short time later the same rod took off, now it was a experienced angler's turn on a large Bass. The fish took out 350' of line on the initial run, and did the same 3 more times until he decided to charge the boat. Unfortunately the line went slack and the fish was lost. Never seeing the fish, we could only imagine it was the LARGEST Striper we had hooked all season.



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